Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Cos-player of the Week: Bitsy Chu

Jimmy Pang

Bitsy Chu is based out of Singapore and started Cos-playing in 2012 with the character Miyuki from Lucky Star. Bitsy loves to cos-play and hopes to travel to an American con in the near future.Considering Stella Chuu, Reika, Ely, Tasha, Aza, Kadu Out among her influences she often wears her own homemade cos-plays but occasionally will commission a costume when personal life doesn't permit time to work on cos-plays Bitsy has plans to Cos-play Bayonetta, Sarah Kerrigan, Morrigan and the Demon Hunter from Diablo. If you enjoy Bitsy Chu's work please follow her on Facebook, Instagram and consider supporting her on Patreon!

Photo by Kiseki Cosplay of  the character Nozomi Tojo, which Bitsy has referred to as her most troublesome Cos-play to craft.

Black Rabbit Photography