Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Cosplayer of the Week: Kitty Honey

This week's Cosplay Q&A Urara comes from Argentina. She has been making a big splash with her most recent characters and can be found as Ms. March in The Woman of Comic Book Cosplay 2013 Calendar- Link to buy .

 In her own words she shares her opinions on Cos-play and nerd Culture. Enjoy reading and check out her Deviant Art.

"I look for strong, brave and daring girls, not just pretty."

Gore Hose:  How did you get started cosplaying? What was it that got you interested?

It was like 5 or 6 years ago, when I saw a cosplay contest in a comics and manga magazine, I've seen cosplayers and I got a little keen on it, and I thought that it would be nice to portrait one of the sailors of Sailor Moon that was a show I really liked when I was a child and when I saw in a local con that people where cosplaying.

I always been interested in fantasy characters from comics, cartoons, anime, movies, etc, and the possibility of being someone else, like when you're a kid and put on costumes. When I was a child it was usual for me that in my birthday parties I used to wear costumes (like a Strawberry Shortcake one I wore when I was 4 years old) Cosplay gave me that possibility to play being someone else and changing my look.

That's why there's an anime character I deeply love, Cutey Honey from Go Nagai. She can transform in multiple appearances and looks, she can be a photographer, a model, a biker chick, etc and that's very "similar" to cosplaying and my cosplayer name is some sort of play on words with that character (Kitty Honey) and I feel like her when I do cosplay, I can be blond, brunette, I can be a superheroine, a princess, a schoolgirl, a warrior and that's just awesome.

Gore Hose:  Can you give us a run down on the nerd community in your area, are there lots of cons? How often do you travel to attend conventions?

Kitty: The local fandom in my area (not the capital which is Buenos Aires) is quite active and grew fast in few years. Two years ago we had only 2 cons per year. Now we have one every month, sometimes 2 and with a lot of variety, some oriented to anime and some oriented to comics.
I started travelling recently to other cities (to the capital city of my country to be exact) It's a lot of fun. I like a lot to travel attending conventions in other cities and get to know other people from other fandoms.

Gore Hose: Favourite convention to attend?

Kitty: Maybe Unifans in Buenos Aires, it's such a fresh ambient with true geeks and fanboys/girls. I'd love to attend some day to San Diego Comic Con which I consider the most huge convention in the world which attracts people from all over the world.

Gore Hose: Favorite cosplay of your own?

I have 2, Jean Grey - Phoenix and Rogue. They have a special meaning for me. Jean Grey because a lot of great things happened to me as a cosplayer after I wore it for the first time, and Rogue definitely is a cosplay I wanted to do since a long time (years) and this was the right time to pull it right as Rogue deserves.

Gore Hose: A cosplayer you consider a inspiration?

Kitty: Vampy Bit Me (Linda Le), Riddle and Crystal Graziano, they are great!

Gore Hose:
Do you think it's possible for cosplay to be to revealing or sexy? Do you draw that line for yourself and if so how?

In fact no, I don't think there are too revealing costumes. I think there's a way to portrait them that is the accurate. I see many girls in Japan doing eechi cosplays or Ero cosplays and people love them. I saw cosplay nudes and some of them were great and some other were awful and bad taste. I think the female body is beautiful and girls shouldn't be afraid of that.

Gore Hose: Do you think conventions should have a pre-defined dress code for cosplayers? What's your experince been in regards to "revealing" costumes at conventions?

Kitty: It depends of the con, some cons where people goes with children is completely understandable to have a dress code, but otherwise I understand that it should be more natural to see the female body and sexyness is part of human nature. That's why there's a lot of complaints about a girl on a revealing cosplay.
In a convention in Buenos Aires, organizers encouraged me to cosplay as Vampirella, that is a really revealing outfit, so I don't have problems. I understand that in the states there's a dress code for cons which is curious for me because I watched videos of cons in the states where you can see a booth girl in bra and panties. It's like a double morality sometimes. I don't have issues with that but you understand that maybe some cosplays are more photoshoot session friendly than to wear them in a con.

Gore Hose: What do you looks for in a character you chose to play as?

It has to have something from me, from my personality. Obviously, there are characters that can be revealing, but I made costumes of characters completely covered like Misa Hayase / Lisa Hayes. I mean, a lot of this characters look sexy and provocative but I have that thing too, that daring but not only because of being like that. I look for strong, brave and daring girls, not just pretty.

Gore Hose: 
How do you think social networking has affected cosplay and nerd culture?

A lot, affected and changed it. Made it massive and quite mainstream too but as a bright side you can update instantly of all news of your favorite comic books, tv shows and nerd geekery. Now geek culture has arrived to mass media because of that, parodies on tv shows and all that.

Gore Hose:  
Most rewarding part about cosplaying?

when a child says to you that you are the superhero you are cosplaying and makes you feel like one.

"a lot of great things happened to me as a cosplayer after I wore it for the first time" -Kitty on her Phoenix

Gore Hose: 
Do you think it's important for a coaplayer to make their own costumes? How much of your own costumes do you make and are there any tips or tricks for honing your craft?

It's important to make and do your own stuff, but there are super talented people who help a lot to portrait better with their awesome props, as example I bought latex masks, some superhero accesories to talented propmakers like Extreme Design FX who made my Ms. Marvel mask, but some other times you have to prove yourself and customize your own wigs, make your own props and when they look good, it feels great about doing them with your own hands.

Gore Hose: Advice for first time cosplayers?

Do a Character you really like, no matter if it's simple or has been cosplayed a thousand of times. The important thing is to have fun and feel passion about cosplaying. Don't try to be the best at the very first time, because you're gonna do a lot of mistakes, the costume won't be perfect as you ever imagined but don't get dissapointed with that because you can learn a lot from mistakes and you can always improve and have fun with that, cosplaying is about having fun dressing as your favourite character, not about trying to impress everyone.

Gore Hose: Any closing thoughts, shout outs or opinions you want to voice?

Feel free when you are cosplaying, don't get yourself under any limit. Cosplaying is adding a tasty and spicy spoonful of fantasy to the real life which is not that glamorous, fantastic, epic or whatever adjective you can put on it like in comic books. Cosplaying is being part of that fantasy of superheroes, warriors, princesses, pilots, heroes, etc that is far from our lives and we always fantasize and dream with that.
My name (Kitty Honey) expresses that because is a play on words with Cutey Honey, which is an anime character that changes a lot her look from a pilot, a photographer, a nurse to the ultimate sexy superheroine, Cutey Honey, and.. that's cosplay! Have fun bringing fantasies to life.
"I think the female body is beautiful and girls shouldn't be afraid of that."