Monday, 21 May 2012

Cos-player of the Week Tallest Silver *Redux*

Gore Hose: First off where and when did you get your start cos-playing?
Silver: I started cos-playing at San Diego Comic Con International in 2005

Gore Hose: who was the first character you cos-played and what did you learn from it?
Silver: I was Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas, and really, I learned how complimentary random strangers could be. A lot of people were very supportive of me venturing forth in a crazy outfit and telling me what a wonderful job I had done on it!

Gore Hose:
how do you think social networking has affected cos-play? In not only how it's viewed by the public but also how cosplayers interact with each other?
Silver: Ooh, this is an interesting question. I think social networking has been both negative and positive. Positive in a way that we can keep in contact with people whom we may only see once a year at a con, but seeing what they're up to on a day to day basis. That being said, I have seen some drama occur or carry over and bad blood happen when I would think people would let something petty from a past convention go. Also, people don't realize that their comments are in the public domain, and they can be quite hurtful.

Gore Hose:
Quirky habit or interest that would surprise people?
Silver: I often take the first picture of the day in costume and send it to my mother. She helped me get into cosplay and encouraged me to go to conventions, so I try to make the first picture for her. 

Gore Hose: Comics: How often you read em, favorite series and creators?

Silver: I read comics QUITE frequently. Weekly trips to the comic shop and all! But lately, funds have been low so I've been saving up for trades and have been more scrutinizing with my collection. Current favorite series would be up in the air with Aquaman, Venom and Batwoman. Emphasize on currently. I love Bruce Timm, Jhonen Vasquez, Gail Simone, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Jim Cheung, waaay too many XD

Gore Hose:
video games: Do you play? How often and got a fave series?
Silver:  I'm not really a gamer, sorry! But I do love me some DDR and Pokemon Blue and Yellow.

Gore Hose: what do you look for in a character to cosplay?
Silver: I look at the characters whom I LIKE. At first, I would try to go for the ones whom I like and whom I thought I could sorta maybe kinda look like. But when I did Power Girl, someone I never thought I could pull off, I broadened my horizons. But I do stick to characters whom I love and admire.

Gore Hose: worst wardrobe malfunction/most embarrassing cosplay story?
Silver: A lot of times, people will try to tell me that my boob will pop out when I'm Power Girl or that I have camel toe but that's all wishful thinking because I make myself like a Barbie doll in that costume. There is NO way that happens. HOWEVER, one time when I was Ivy, my boob almost did pop out, but Kit caught my attention in the nick of time before a nip slip happened. That's what heterolife partners are for!

Gore Hose: favorite cos-play to wear?
Silver: A toss up between Power Girl and Deadpool and Ivy. Power Girl, I feel like I can be myself. Deadpool, I don't let myself have a filter, so I just let everything out. And Ivy... well.. I just feel plain sexy as Ivy XD

Gore Hose: nerd culture has often been criticized for being a bit of a boys club, and is (apparently) notorious in its difficulty for ladies to receive the respect they deserve as equals, have you personally found this to be the case? Please go as in-depth as you like on the subject.
Silver: One time in particular, I felt like I had to show my nerd-street cred and it wasn't even at a con. I was trying to find a good local comic shop, testing a few out, and the first one I went into, Kit and I were stared at the entire time we were there. And this guy was hovering around us, giving us the impression we were trespassing until we were commenting on a few things about artists and writers, so the guy back off. But we were like, "really?" But mostly, it'll come from comments online, pretty misogynistic or a lot of objectification comments. I know, on the internet? Such a shock.

Gore Hose: most rewarding part about cos-playing?
Silver: Meeting the creators/writers/artists/people I admire. And the kids.

Gore Hose:
favorite con to attend and why?
Silver: it USED to be SDCC since that was the first convention I cosplayed at and I've been going since 2003, but it's gotten too big for its britches. So I'd have to say WonderCon

Gore Hose:
favorite fabric to work with?
Silver: I LOVE the look, feel, and weight satin has, especially in capes. So... that, I suppose XD

Gore Hose: worst habit?
Silver: When I'm really stressed out, I subconsciously pick at my nails. True story. But I've gotten better at it, but sometimes they just break XD

Gore Hose: Recently a well known cos-player drew large controversy at Pax, with a (some might say overly) skimpy costume; do you think there's should be regulations on how a cos-players should be allowed to present themselves established by convention organizers ahead of time, or should it be left to their discretion?
Silver: Weeeellllllllll.. see, the thing about that specific incident, was at the core, she was representing a booth in costume, and from my understanding, PAX has a strict NO BOOTH BABE policy which is understandable because booth babes are a way of exploiting guys to come over to a booth to either talk to, oggle at, watch, or take pictures of the attractive female. And sometimes, yeah, booth babes can get extreme. I do think there is a line, but discretion is up to the person. I'm sure people think it's inappropriate of me to be Power Girl. Some costumes push the boundaries further, like the one woman who showed up to SDCC the other year wearing nothing but 5 inch platform heels, a nude-thong, and pasties made to look like nipples while carrying around a dragon, claiming she was Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Was that acceptable? No, and they threw her out. Was the cos-player in question at PAX inappropriate? While I don't think so, PAX said so. I think, if the person feels comfortable walking around in public in their costume, without threat of being arrested for indecent exposure, carry on.

Gore Hose: I see you on Tumblr all the time answering questions from fans, which i think is amazing; is it sort of surreal to have your own fan base?
Silver: EVERYDAY I'M TUMBLIN'! I think it's super surreal. So surreal that I think it's silly! I try to answer those questions to show that I'm nothing special, I PROMISE I am just like the rest of the nerds out there, trying to have a good time. I've met some awesome people, and I think it's silly when people are too shy or nervous to come up to me. IT'S OKAY, I SWEAR. I GIVE HUGS AND EVERYTHING!!

Gore Hose: Also from seeing you on tumblr, you've obviously got a great sense of humor; you're not afraid to poke fun at yourself, and nerd culture. How important is having a sense of humor to you?
Silver: Oh, I wouldn't survive without having a sense of humor, especially in a cosplaying sense. People will talk about your body, they will point out all of your flaws and insecurities and well... if you're the one to do it first, and you accept yourself, and make it funny, it's not going to hurt. Honestly, people shouldn't smack-talk ANYway, but a little humor never hurts. Also it's fun to make fun of trolls.

Gore Hose: how important is sexuality as a cos-player? Do you think it's possible to be overly sexualized and how/where do you draw the line?

Silver: Sexuality is different for everyone. I see my boyfriend in a suit and BAM! I wanna jump him, but he's fully clothed. I think, like anything, you should be comfortable with yourself. If your a man who cos-plays, you'll probably be called "gay" at one point; if you're a woman, you'll probably be called a man. (As if these are insults?) To someone who is insecure, it could hurt a lot, but it really doesn't matter in the long run unless they want you in their pants, or rather in this case, tights. Also, "I wanna roll around in your cape" is a euphemism for sex. Use it! Use it well!

Gore Hose: Someone who inspires you as a Cos-player

Silver: Immediately: Ruby Rocket and Bellechere. Also, my bestie and my beau. <3

Gore Hose: advice you'd give for someone who is looking to get involved in the Cos-play Community?

Silver: HAVE FUN HAVE FUN HAVE FUN HATERS TO THE LEFT YOU'RE ON FIRE. Don't be afraid/ashamed/embarrassed/or another a-word. We are all nerds. At a con, you're in a safe environment were you can express yourself with like-minded people. Don't be ashamed of a thrift-store find or a closet cosplay. Almost everyone's first costume looks bad. Learn makeup, it can make or break a costume (even for make-up-avoiding men) and a lot is just smoke and mirrors!

Gore Hose: Where's your name come from?

Silver: It's actually derived from Invader Zim. I came up with it when I was 13, when I started going online more (because I was a derpy fangirl) and that's just how people came to know me!

I wanna thank the lady Silver for taking her time to answer some questions and remind all you guys to check her out of Tumblr, Deviant Art and Facebook.