Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Cos-player of the Week: Tali *Redux*

Tali is a talented young lady who happens to be one of the first cos-players I covered on this blog. I felt the need to go through some of the ladies I've previously covered and give them the more insightful coverage they deserve; I figured she made the most sense to start with.

 I contacted Talia for a short interview and the picture featured(above) is from her most recent Photo-set.  Find her on Deviant Art, Face Book and Twitter.

Gore Hose: How did you get started cos-playing/what was your first cos?
Tali: I’m a little embarrassed to say how long I’ve been doing this for but I guess as something I’ve taken seriously about 2 years, but in reality I’ve been cosplaying without caring for much longer. My very first costume was Rikku from FFX-2 though, gosh it was so bad!

Gore Hose: What do you look for when you choose to cos-play a character?
Tali: I usually look for something that catches my interest or has an interesting concept to use as a template. Generally I’m either a fan of the character or some friends want to put together a group, I’ve never done anything I haven’t loved the design of though, that’s a priority!

Gore Hose:First nerdy influence you can remember that directly inspired your nerdery?
Tali: Haha I’ve always been kind of a nerd at heart, sure I played with Barbie’s as a child but I always ended up making my own clothes for them out of little scraps of fabric. My brothers had a Super Nintendo and eventually I was playing it more than they were just for something to do that wasn’t school, dance, sports, or anything I really had to try at. So between watching Sailor Moon every day, playing my brother’s video games, and makeshifting Barbie clothes together, I guess it was pretty inevitable

Gore Hose: Furthest you've ever gone to cos-play a character(ie Dyed your hair, ect)
Tali: I’ve never done anything really extreme for any characters actually. The only thing I actively do for cosplay is exercise and watch what I eat before a convention, but it has slowly become just part of my lifestyle.

Gore Hose:Favorite Cos-play?
Tali: My favorite to wear is definitely Cammy, and not for the reasons one might think! Cammy is really easy to move in and I get to wear flats all day, so it’s really just so comfortable compared to other costumes. The only thing that might be uncomfortable are the gloves and I’m actively trying to find better ways of making those.
In terms of favorite to look at though, I would have to choose Terra from Final Fantasy VI. I put quite a bit of time into that outfit and even though looking back on it I could have done better I’m still happy with the way it came out.

Gore Hose: Worst Wardrobe malfunction?
Tali: Luckily I’ve never had that kind of problem with most of my costumes, generally I’m careful about it but I guess I’d have to say Black Cat, the bodysuit is a little too tight, so I have to be careful with the way I stand in it sometimes!

Gore Hose: a pastime you enjoy that would surprise people.
Tali:With school the way it is, I definitely don’t have time for real pastimes. I just like to sit back and play video games, watch ridiculous pseudoscience TV shows, and work on cosplay

Gore Hose: As I'm sure you know, a cos-player almost got kicked out of PAX east for particularly revealing costume; what's your opinion on where to draw the line for a convention? Should it be up the Con to set standards ahead of time, should it be determined by what would be normally socially acceptable? Or should it be only up to the Cos-player how much they choose to show; allowing con-goes to let their "Freak flag fly"?

Tali: I heard about this while dealing with the same thing at a different convention across the country and I was just as touchy about it as I am now. I don’t mind that conventions have decency rules, these things aren’t adult centered and shouldn’t be considered to be risqué at all, so if there were indeed complaints against the cosplayer then I understand them asking her to change. I do draw a line when the convention tries to make an example out of the situation by asking her to leave after she had changed a second time into a previously acceptable costume, once there’s a contradiction in their reasoning I feel like that’s now just an attack on her person.

Cosplay has always been known for its cattiness but I really believe that was a perfect example of personal beliefs overruling an agreed on regulation. Unfortunately, it seems like content is more important than context when it comes to girl’s costumes, in other words a girl could be wearing an accurate (albeit revealing) costume but the context or idea behind the costume isn’t offensive ( to the extent of con regulation of course) but a strip of fabric across the hips or between boobs doesn’t change the idea of a character. On the other hand, a girl walking around in fishnets, panties, and a bra is completely acceptable by most con rules! You tell me which is more offensive, an accurate, well crafted depiction of a character or a girl in her underwear that just wants to look “hot” but meets con regulation of coverage.

Of course this also has quite a bit to do with society’s standards and acceptable norms but context of a costume really does mean something and I personally felt that Juliet had every right to be there in her cheerleader outfit as it had been of previously no issue. PAX absolutely has every right to tell any one of their patrons to leave, especially if there truly were complaints against her outfit, but because of such a contradiction in judgement I felt it was more an attack on her and not what she was portraying. I’m sure the girl took it with a grain of salt though and will bounce back as strong as ever.

Gore Hose:  Favorite Pokemon?
Tali: Charmander, since the very beginning.

Gore Hose: Favorite video game series?
Tali: That’s really tough, I have a few favorites but I guess I can narrow it down to either the Silent Hill series, Shadow Hearts 1 and 2, or Resident Evil series!

Gore Hose:  Favorite material to work with building a Cos?
Tali:I definitely do not have a favorite fabric haha but I sure would love to be better with sculpey.

Gore Hose:  Best experince at a con?
Tali:Working at Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is usually the highlight of con season, sure it’s exhausting but having so many kids shyly coming up to me asking to take pictures with me as Supergirl is really worth it.

Gore Hose: Worst Habit?
Tali:Procrastination for sure, I'm absolutely terrible at getting things started. Luckily I have a very weird talent for always coming through for deadlines at the last second, so at least I recognize and counteract it haha

Wanted to thank the amazing Tali for letting me post these rad pictures and answering my questions!

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