Monday, 14 November 2011

Cosplay Girl of The Week: Linda Le

He's telling her to kill people, but she's cute so it's ok.
 Linda Le aka VampyBitMe is definitely one of the most recognizable cos-players out there today, and she has a wide selection of interesting costumes she's built and designed herself. When she's not attending Comic conventions, you can find her hiking, making her own costumes, thrashing at California area metal shows and traveling the world. You can read about her adventures online via twitter @VampyBitme, Deviant Art, Facebook, and her own Webpage.

She's got so many awesome costumes, so it was hard to choose just a few to feature, but with UMvC3 coming out tomorrow; I figured I'd feature a team I'd love to be able to play as, which also happens to highlight her beauty and talent. 
OMG them legs in latex.
Ms. Marvel deserves love, and Linda Le rocks it.
Yeah she's already in the game, but how you gonna complain looking at a picture like this.