Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fighterpedia: Southtown vs Metro city

Cos-Play Girl of the Week: Shantel Knight

Shantel Knight Aka Zombiebitme you should follow her on Twitter, Tumblr and like her on Facebook as she's downright stalk-able. With large following for someone who's (relatively) new to the cos-play scene, she has tons of attitude, confidence, and nerd-cred that make her official-site worth a look again and again.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tournamnet play from The Last Game Store: Nov 20th, 2011

Some light tournament play from The Last Game Store In Halifax, NS. Sorry about some of the shaky camera, but I can't hold the camera when I'm playing and there's no room in the Last Game Store for a Tri-pod.

First up my ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 matches, I got a couple wins below, and my two losses are in the third video.

A round from Nimble Wookie in the losers bracket.

Gamereye's round in the Loser's Bracket.

Street Fighting Time:

Gamer Eye's Third Match in the Winners Bracket

Thanks for watching folks, promise the next batch will have better recordings, Let me know if you can Identify any of the players in these matches!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Full Length UMvC3 Trailer

Fighterpedia: Top 7 Best & Worst Fighting Game Stages

Hunger Games Trailer

Curious about this one, hoping it doesn't suck.

Cosplay Girl of The Week: Linda Le

He's telling her to kill people, but she's cute so it's ok.
 Linda Le aka VampyBitMe is definitely one of the most recognizable cos-players out there today, and she has a wide selection of interesting costumes she's built and designed herself. When she's not attending Comic conventions, you can find her hiking, making her own costumes, thrashing at California area metal shows and traveling the world. You can read about her adventures online via twitter @VampyBitme, Deviant Art, Facebook, and her own Webpage.

She's got so many awesome costumes, so it was hard to choose just a few to feature, but with UMvC3 coming out tomorrow; I figured I'd feature a team I'd love to be able to play as, which also happens to highlight her beauty and talent. 
OMG them legs in latex.
Ms. Marvel deserves love, and Linda Le rocks it.
Yeah she's already in the game, but how you gonna complain looking at a picture like this.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Canada Cup SSF4 AE Highlights

Here's a small selection of the high quality Street fighting that went down, during this years Canada Cup.

Team Canada Vs Team Korea

Singapore Vs Europe

C.Viper Madeness

Grand Finals!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Godzilla Poster of the Week

Cos-play Girl of the Week: Yaya Han

Cos-Player of the week is Yaya Han, You can follow her on  Twitter @yayahan and Deviant Art which you should. She's a very talented lady who happens to spend a lot of time at comic book and video game conventions which she offers a unique perspective on.

She also runs her own web page and makes her own costumes from scratch including Ada Wong (Resident Evil 2 & 4), Felicia (Darkstalkers,) and Catwoman all of which are too awesome not to post.
Photo Credit: Benny Lee - Emanon Design

Photo by Kevin Green

Canada Cup MVC3 Highlights

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3: New Characters Rated by Hype

1. Frank West
a level up system straight out of Dead-rising and a dynamic move-set with shades of Jill from MvC2 and his previous appearance in Tsukamoto vs Capcom. This is the character I've been looking forward too most and he looks like alot of fun to play.
2. Strider Hiryu
The Marvel Vs Capcom 2 God comes into the fray, totally bad ass and super cool the only character with two Level 3 hyper combos.
3.  Dr. Strange
This is Strange's first foray into the world of fighting games, he has incredible hyper combo's and some long range attacks that really make him a power house.  It's especially nice to see Strange after playing against his enemies in the last several Vs. Games.

4.  Phoenix Wright
The most controversial of the new characters, Wright also has the most dynamic and original move set and play style. This is a character to be feared and respected when in the right hands.

5. Rocket Raccoon
Traps, and a whole lot of guns on a tiny package. It's like Cable meets B.B. Hood.

6.  Firebrand
Firebrand is quick and powerful, he's fully at home in the air but I haven't seen too much of his game-play since his initial release, definitely one to watch.

7. Nemesis
A gruesome merciless power house of a monster. He's a tentacle monster with Swagger like Haggar.

8. Vergil
I was initially super pumped for Vergil but after his reveal I couldn't escape him on any of the live streams. Vergil's tough, but over exposed at this point leading to hype deflation. Still a powerful and viable character and Katana's are just better. 

9. Nova
Swag on Cosmic Captain Falcon, Nova's super viable, and looks top tier but some of his moves feel like they've been brought from other characters in the game.

10. Iron Fist
I love my punchy characters and Iron Fist has some dynamic power ups he just doesn't stand out as much as the Raccoons with automatic weapons, zombie fighting reporters, Lawyers, and demons. 
11.  Ghost Rider
He's a bad ass with a flaming skull, looks entertaining and viable with long range attacks and a bad-ass motorbike..
12. Hawkeye
Hawkeye has a lot of fan service, especially in his Hank Pym Hyper but he's not different enough from Taskmaster too make me want to put him on any of my teams.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fighterpedia Presents: Rejected Street Fighters

Hilarious breakdown of early Street Fighter 2 character designs, totally awesome. A peak into the development of possibly Street Fighter's most influential title.