Monday, 12 September 2011

Super Street Fighter 4: The Final Chapter

This is too be my final post detailing Street Fighter 4, if there any other games you'd like too see or suggestions for my play style please comment below.

                                         Cody(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Ken(YOUR MUMZ BIKE)
First Ranked match win with Cody, pretty fun character; but I have trouble landing his Ultra, with a little work I could see my game improving with him quite a bit in the next few weeks.

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Hakan(Barakettt)

Three part battle against Hakan, if you check my bp I'm pretty sure they may be slightly out of order.

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Mecha-Zangief(tigerKingMasteR)

Personally I haven't purchased a single Alt costume, but this Zangief Alt is incredible.

Vega(franMik) vs Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu)

Same goes for this Vega alt, altough I'm not 100% on the reference. Also for me Vega has always kind of been a tricky match up, as we both like too spend a lot of time in the air...

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Akuma(Draco Ghost)

Another Akuma match-up, gotta admit I do have a time against the shoto's.

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Rose(lordofthejewsjr)

I've played a few round against this "lordofthejewsjr" and we're pretty evenly matched most times, Roses is a great character though; wish I had the guts too use her more often.

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Cody(zMr tummyturnz)

This Cody player inspired me too give him a try myself, what a fun character too watch.

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Dudley(The X 314)
Everyone knows Dudley is the man, with his impeccable style and mean mustache.

Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Sagat(Jemsie95)

Old eye patch was renowned in Vanilla Street fighter 4, and still pretty mean in Super.
This Guile made the gamereye cry with is lack of Normal attacks and total lack of aggression. I just like too chip people out when I can.