Monday, 12 September 2011

Pre-release Hype: Street Fighter X Tekken

                                                                Trailer 1 from Captivate 2011

                                                                         Comicon Trailer
                                                                Tokyo Game Show Trailer

This game is looking amazing, great character selection thus far. I'm a long time Capcom fan, as you can tell from all my Street Fighter uploads; but i've never followed Tekken very close. Although I did pick up Tekken 6 awhile back and had a lot of fun with the story mode, even though it was pretty frustrating. 

I am also a huge Final Fight fan, and it seems like we're getting more and more characters from that series for the first time in a long time... hopefully Final Fight makes a comeback in a big way, maybe with a full blown sequel. Either way I'm happy too see Hugo from Street Fighter 3 aka Andore from Final Fight make a return, I'm super hyped for him and too a much lesser extent Poison.

I really like what there doing with the characters, and the juggle combat is looking like a lot of fun. Here's some matches, taken from the most recent gaming event where its been previewed... Can't wait to see the EVO2k12 Tournament and the full roster.


 THANKS to Capcom-Unity for posting the awesome content; and in case you missed it, Yoshi-Ono and Harada have been getting pretty crazy promoting the game here's some of there Comicon footage... so silly but to see them going wild promoting a game like this, shows that they love it just as much as the fans.

Character Teasers:

Sep 14th, 2011
New character's game play footage and a new fight mechanic posted in the brand new trailer.

New trailer:

Zangief vs Bob

Heicachi Mishima kicking Guile, also pictured: Mecha-Zangief

Lillit was also announced but I don't really feel like posting a picture of any school girls right now, Rufus has also been confirmed but his game play hasn't been shown.