Friday, 9 September 2011

Movie Review: The Host(2006)

The Host(2006)

 The host is primarily a story of how people react to loss, as a unit and individual parts. We see how loss effects these people, the little bits of joy littered through there life that this loss steals from them. Characters are transformed by the tragedy's they encounter, changing them dramatically. For example Park Gang-Du (father of Park Hyun-seo) who goes from appearing mentally deficient at the beginning of the film, to taking initiative, and facing challenges the audience would never originally envision him as capable or brave enough too challenge..

In fact all the character in this film is given ample time to express themselves, and grow as characters. Every member of the family takes their own journey of personal discovery, the panicked people on the street are compelling,  the monster itself has a personality that becomes more defined as the run time increases, even the evil white scientists so common to anything that goes wrong in a sci-fi movie begin as strong characters, while remaining the most despicable characters in the film. This is this movies greatest strength the strong performances from the entire cast, which really increase the believability of the whole scenario.

Direction wise you call tell that Joon-ho Bong really took the time to do things right, the action is gripping and fluid. There are many strong moments in the film that allow the viewer to empathize with emotional turmoil taking place on screen, to the point where the movie can get pretty heavy . Moments of intense isolation, claustrophobia, Love, and hope are transmitted to us with refined skill, and expert craftsmanship. A movie that puts the viewer in the situation as well as “The Host” really deserves admiration..

Now my main negative with the feeling would be the sometimes spotty cgi.
The computer effects were by and large very good, and realistic. The textures and shadow effects are very realistic and  Most of the time the creature moves like it’s a living creature making for some very convincing effects. Actors all give fantastic performances opposite the creature, further enhancing the effects.

Overall, the film delivers on all fronts and its only faults can be found in the technology present at the time(cgi will most likely suck for all time,) and a run time necessary to the large and rich cast of characters too exist as individuals and develop in a believable and satisfactory manner. .