Monday, 29 August 2011

Welcome too the World of Street Fighter III

Well this week was my first experience, with perhaps the most technical entry in the street fighter series. Must say I'm really impressed with the selection of Super arts, the colorful characters, and amazing 2d graphics.

Here's my first ranked match, I'm playing as Akuma but I didn't get a chance too get the Yang player's tag.


Here's my first Ranked victory, Q is a great character with a lot of mystery and long pokes. 
Fun too use but hard too master.

Second ranked match win, still more juicy Q-ness.
Gotta mention how much I love the match intro's, they make it so epic.

Now some sparring matches with my good friend the GamerEye who you guys should be pretty used too seeing in action in SSF4...

Elena and Necro are two of Third Strike's more memorable characters, Nerco's a freak and she fills out the booty quota. Elena's got a lot of long range kicks, and is super fast.
                                                                 Elena Vs Necro
Hugo's a monster based of Andore from Final Fight, based off Andre the Giant. He's got huge damage and a Mountain of health; presently I'd say he's my best character.
                                                                  Hugo Vs Sean

Anyone who's played Arcade Edition will recognize and probably disbise Yang, he is very powerful, very quick, and very tricky.
Finishing things off is a best of three back and fourth epic, between The GamerEye and Myself. 

Thanks for reading, find my article on my issues with Third Strike on Toaster Pig.