Saturday, 20 August 2011

Super Street Fighter 4

 Hard to believe, it was just about a year ago; I was first getting into this game,and thought that super combo's were something of legend.It's been a lot of gaming, and a large amount of frustration by times; but man i friggen love Street fighter. Here's some of my Highlight from Super Street fighter 4.
                                                Saget(TrivialShino) Vs Dan(Awkward Cthulhu)
Starting off the round up is my first win, I knew it was pretty cheesy at the time and it hasn't aged well.

                                           Guile(The GamerEye) V Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu)
Cammy was my first main, I figured my skills from  Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo: HD Remix would carry over and in small part they did. There was still alot of learning for me to do, and The GamerEye is a great teacher, this is one of the few matches I managed to beat em.

                                        Juri(xHines) Vs Gen(Awkward Cthulhu) Super Street Fighter 4
                          From later in my online career when I tried to main Gen, He's a lot of fun too play

.                                              Cammy(Awkward Cthulu) V Guy(J Killer0077)
                                           This was a fun match, lots of respect for J Killer0077

                                           Fei Long(morrisbraxtonjr) Vs Ken(Awkward Cthulhu)
                Recently I've been getting into Vanilla Street Fighter 4, mostly online matches. My record is better in that game by a large margin, thanks in large part too Ken. I've tried to bring him over to Super with less luck, but still had some strong matches.

                                                   Ryu(shopon1978) vs Adon(Swag Dolla)
This is an entertaining match, it's my buddy Swag Dolla behind my controller. It's from back in the day and when we both started playing this, he was all about learning the tech; I was more about the pokes and spacing. I'd usually win a versus match between us but he'd always take online matches against people who would wipe the floor with me.

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