Friday, 26 August 2011

Super Street Fighter 4 Goes to Hell.

Starting up with a Swag Dolla classic, check out his superior positioning against a opponent with much more experience.  Sorry about loosing focus on the camera early in the match, but it doesn't really effect your view of the game play too much.

                                                    Juri(Douk Nukem) vs Akuma(Swag Dolla)

        This next match is taken from an endless lobby, and it's a great example for how too play as Guile against a skilled Cammy. Was really exciting too watch with some good skill, on both sides; the picture does not do the video justice.

                                               Guile(TheGamereye) vs Cammy(UchihaKitsune)

As you can probably tell I've been maining Cammy again in Super(when I'm not play SF:III) and I think I'm improving a great deal. Let me know what you think in the comments...

Also I thought when I saved this it was UchihaKitsune and I fighting, but it was the wrong replay. Still a fun match though, enjoy...
                                          Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Sakura(The GamerEye)
         You'll notice quite a few matches against the Gamer Eye on here, it's just cause I'm proud when I beat em'. He's got a lot of skill and even when I loose too him, it makes for an entertaining match. Expect for some similar squaring off between us next SSF4 update I post.
                                          Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Chun-li(The GamerEye)

Thanks for watching, if you wanna play with me on X-box Live add: Awkward Cthulhu.
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