Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: Stacy

 Stacy is definitely a mixed bag... It can be very well done pulling a lot of heart strings at points, all While being  loaded with gore, and over the top violence most of which is a ton of fun; but Stacy tries to hard to go in too many directions, trying to jam in as many characters, and introducing a subplot that drags from its first scene it's introduced.

The first half of the movie it all works pretty well, even with it's flaws; it had me laughing when i was supposed to be laughing and can be touches on some melancholy. Regrettably as touching and disturbing as this movie can be it can also be very tiresome dragging at some key points.
The movie does pick about before the end and give a as satisfactory as possible conclusion. Unfortunately the time it all comes together again, this film has fallen apart in too many place for it to work as a whole.

Pictured above: Fan service.

The worst thing about this movie has to be the music, most of it hardly fits whats happening on the screen.  The music is sounds poorly produced, written and recorded it takes film to a whole new level of hard to watch.

Watching it was not a wholly regrettable experience, but it lost a lot of momentum reaching as far as it did.