Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Movie Review: Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Tetsuo is a burst of raw power that hits you like a piece of metal in the brain, moving with break neck speed through industrial Japan; the imagery is gripping, hypnotizing, and at times utter chaos.

In the right hands this film will drive you to devour it time and time again; others won't make it through one viewing. Take the time to experience Tetsuo if you haven't, as most movies worth watching you may find it trying; but there is an honest desire in the harsh demeanour, to express pure creativity directly from the human subconscious.

Tetsuo plays with tenderness and violence in equal parts and never wholly leaves one for the other.  In many ways it is a sadomasochist love story. The narrative becomes increasingly disjointed and surreal, as the run time increases it descends further into madness.
It launched the long standing careers of Shinya Tsukamoto and Tomorowo Taguchi, and here both there mad talents are on full force.

Tsukamoto rarely seems to loose control of the camera as it shoots through the streets of Tokyo, showcasing some very powerful low budget special effects and cinematography. Taguchi displays signs of greatness as he stretches his face from undeniable terror to unbridled lust.

It’s a movie that must be seen; by anyone who is interested in experimental, personal or creative cinema from the planet earth.
Not for everyone, but for the right type of person you'll come away with something new and wonderful each time.