Saturday, 27 August 2011

Movie Review: Interview With the Vampire (1994)

 Interview with vampire was released in the mid 90's, at the time it was a cash cow; and in many way's set the standard for how Vampires were portrayed at the time, both in popular couture and in the public mind's-eye.

Interview is full of strong performances from all the players involved, especially a young Kirsten Dunst. Tom Cruise is especially believable, giving a feline-esque tone too his role. As a hunter you watch him stalk, and play with his food through the film; taking sadistic delight in the hunt and hedonistic pleasure in murder. Brad Pitt is believable, but overall a bit dry in the role that truly turned him into the superstar we know today. 

The set's are lavish, with a very high amount of attention played to the details of the time. The same is true of the elaborate costume and hair, all of which are of top quality; even overshadowing the high quality make up effects from Stan Winston, which are superb throughout the film.

The films main weaknesses; of which I believe there are two primarily, come from the original author of the books themselves having too much direct control of the script. Sweeping dialogue that sounds great on paper, comes through as labored, unnatural and stilted; not because of the actors performance, but because the use of language feels unnatural and forced.

The other weakness that feels a direct result of Anne Rice's over-involvement, is that the film is only part of a series of books; because of this most of the tension remains unresolved, and the end kind of feels like a waste of time making the film feel incomplete.

The movie is moody, well designed and start studded, but the script has pacing and dialog issues. Overall it's a journey worth taking, but feels incomplete. 6/10