Monday, 22 August 2011

More Super Street Fighter 4

                                             Ibuki(ZeroVoid9370) Vs Gouken(Awkward Cthulhu)
               Tough match, really back and forward. I've practiced a bit with Gouken in the day, and when you get him going he's really a machine.This was a close match though, the agony of defeat...

                                                 Akuma(isrgomon) Vs Rose(Awkward Cthulhu)
                        Mostly updated too show the huge range Rose get's on her first Ultra, its obscene!

                                        Cammy (Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Akuma (xOne LimiTx)
                     This is from the other night, I started playing with Cammy again. Lots of Supers and Ultra's getting thrown around in this match, Talk about back and forth.

                                           Rose(The GamerEye) Vs Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu)
                                                Taken from one of our recent sparring sessions.

                                               Ken(The GamerEye) v Ken(Awkward Cthulhu)
                                       Mirror match, from one an Endless Battle Lobby, good times. 
                                           Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Ryu(dojoFASHOtho)
                                       Possibly my best match yet against a B ranked Ryu, intense!

Some decent matches this time around, expect too see more soon. I gotta find a new character too play with or people are gonna start getting sick of Cammy's Super and Ultra's.