Monday, 29 August 2011

Welcome too the World of Street Fighter III

Well this week was my first experience, with perhaps the most technical entry in the street fighter series. Must say I'm really impressed with the selection of Super arts, the colorful characters, and amazing 2d graphics.

Here's my first ranked match, I'm playing as Akuma but I didn't get a chance too get the Yang player's tag.


Here's my first Ranked victory, Q is a great character with a lot of mystery and long pokes. 
Fun too use but hard too master.

Second ranked match win, still more juicy Q-ness.
Gotta mention how much I love the match intro's, they make it so epic.

Now some sparring matches with my good friend the GamerEye who you guys should be pretty used too seeing in action in SSF4...

Elena and Necro are two of Third Strike's more memorable characters, Nerco's a freak and she fills out the booty quota. Elena's got a lot of long range kicks, and is super fast.
                                                                 Elena Vs Necro
Hugo's a monster based of Andore from Final Fight, based off Andre the Giant. He's got huge damage and a Mountain of health; presently I'd say he's my best character.
                                                                  Hugo Vs Sean

Anyone who's played Arcade Edition will recognize and probably disbise Yang, he is very powerful, very quick, and very tricky.
Finishing things off is a best of three back and fourth epic, between The GamerEye and Myself. 

Thanks for reading, find my article on my issues with Third Strike on Toaster Pig.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Record Highlight: Tragedy - Nerve Damage

                                                      So epic, so heavy; awesome band, awesome album.

Movie Review: Interview With the Vampire (1994)

 Interview with vampire was released in the mid 90's, at the time it was a cash cow; and in many way's set the standard for how Vampires were portrayed at the time, both in popular couture and in the public mind's-eye.

Interview is full of strong performances from all the players involved, especially a young Kirsten Dunst. Tom Cruise is especially believable, giving a feline-esque tone too his role. As a hunter you watch him stalk, and play with his food through the film; taking sadistic delight in the hunt and hedonistic pleasure in murder. Brad Pitt is believable, but overall a bit dry in the role that truly turned him into the superstar we know today. 

The set's are lavish, with a very high amount of attention played to the details of the time. The same is true of the elaborate costume and hair, all of which are of top quality; even overshadowing the high quality make up effects from Stan Winston, which are superb throughout the film.

The films main weaknesses; of which I believe there are two primarily, come from the original author of the books themselves having too much direct control of the script. Sweeping dialogue that sounds great on paper, comes through as labored, unnatural and stilted; not because of the actors performance, but because the use of language feels unnatural and forced.

The other weakness that feels a direct result of Anne Rice's over-involvement, is that the film is only part of a series of books; because of this most of the tension remains unresolved, and the end kind of feels like a waste of time making the film feel incomplete.

The movie is moody, well designed and start studded, but the script has pacing and dialog issues. Overall it's a journey worth taking, but feels incomplete. 6/10

Friday, 26 August 2011

Super Street Fighter 4 Goes to Hell.

Starting up with a Swag Dolla classic, check out his superior positioning against a opponent with much more experience.  Sorry about loosing focus on the camera early in the match, but it doesn't really effect your view of the game play too much.

                                                    Juri(Douk Nukem) vs Akuma(Swag Dolla)

        This next match is taken from an endless lobby, and it's a great example for how too play as Guile against a skilled Cammy. Was really exciting too watch with some good skill, on both sides; the picture does not do the video justice.

                                               Guile(TheGamereye) vs Cammy(UchihaKitsune)

As you can probably tell I've been maining Cammy again in Super(when I'm not play SF:III) and I think I'm improving a great deal. Let me know what you think in the comments...

Also I thought when I saved this it was UchihaKitsune and I fighting, but it was the wrong replay. Still a fun match though, enjoy...
                                          Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Sakura(The GamerEye)
         You'll notice quite a few matches against the Gamer Eye on here, it's just cause I'm proud when I beat em'. He's got a lot of skill and even when I loose too him, it makes for an entertaining match. Expect for some similar squaring off between us next SSF4 update I post.
                                          Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) vs Chun-li(The GamerEye)

Thanks for watching, if you wanna play with me on X-box Live add: Awkward Cthulhu.
Feel free too comment!

Monday, 22 August 2011

More Super Street Fighter 4

                                             Ibuki(ZeroVoid9370) Vs Gouken(Awkward Cthulhu)
               Tough match, really back and forward. I've practiced a bit with Gouken in the day, and when you get him going he's really a machine.This was a close match though, the agony of defeat...

                                                 Akuma(isrgomon) Vs Rose(Awkward Cthulhu)
                        Mostly updated too show the huge range Rose get's on her first Ultra, its obscene!

                                        Cammy (Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Akuma (xOne LimiTx)
                     This is from the other night, I started playing with Cammy again. Lots of Supers and Ultra's getting thrown around in this match, Talk about back and forth.

                                           Rose(The GamerEye) Vs Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu)
                                                Taken from one of our recent sparring sessions.

                                               Ken(The GamerEye) v Ken(Awkward Cthulhu)
                                       Mirror match, from one an Endless Battle Lobby, good times. 
                                           Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu) Vs Ryu(dojoFASHOtho)
                                       Possibly my best match yet against a B ranked Ryu, intense!

Some decent matches this time around, expect too see more soon. I gotta find a new character too play with or people are gonna start getting sick of Cammy's Super and Ultra's.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Record collection: Misfits - Wolfsblood/Evillive

European Only Original Release

Super Street Fighter 4

 Hard to believe, it was just about a year ago; I was first getting into this game,and thought that super combo's were something of legend.It's been a lot of gaming, and a large amount of frustration by times; but man i friggen love Street fighter. Here's some of my Highlight from Super Street fighter 4.
                                                Saget(TrivialShino) Vs Dan(Awkward Cthulhu)
Starting off the round up is my first win, I knew it was pretty cheesy at the time and it hasn't aged well.

                                           Guile(The GamerEye) V Cammy(Awkward Cthulhu)
Cammy was my first main, I figured my skills from  Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo: HD Remix would carry over and in small part they did. There was still alot of learning for me to do, and The GamerEye is a great teacher, this is one of the few matches I managed to beat em.

                                        Juri(xHines) Vs Gen(Awkward Cthulhu) Super Street Fighter 4
                          From later in my online career when I tried to main Gen, He's a lot of fun too play

.                                              Cammy(Awkward Cthulu) V Guy(J Killer0077)
                                           This was a fun match, lots of respect for J Killer0077

                                           Fei Long(morrisbraxtonjr) Vs Ken(Awkward Cthulhu)
                Recently I've been getting into Vanilla Street Fighter 4, mostly online matches. My record is better in that game by a large margin, thanks in large part too Ken. I've tried to bring him over to Super with less luck, but still had some strong matches.

                                                   Ryu(shopon1978) vs Adon(Swag Dolla)
This is an entertaining match, it's my buddy Swag Dolla behind my controller. It's from back in the day and when we both started playing this, he was all about learning the tech; I was more about the pokes and spacing. I'd usually win a versus match between us but he'd always take online matches against people who would wipe the floor with me.

Thanks for watching, got something to say? Post it in the comments.
Wanna fight online? Add me to x-box live: Awkward Cthulhu
Stay tuned for more.


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Record Collection: Charged G.B.H. - Leather, Bristles, No Surivivors, and Sick Boys

Another original release

Pre-release Hype: Third Strike

Getting pretty hype about this.
                                                                  Akuma Vs Hugo
                                                                         Sean Vs. Elena

                                                                         Ken Vs Chun-Li
                                                                            The Classic

                                                                 Q Vs Chun-Li
                                                               Full of Q goodness
                                                               Chun Vs Yun

                                                                        Oro Vs Urien

                                                                    Oro Vs Q

                                                                   Dudley Vs Makoto
That Finishes the roundup for now, Just about a week till Third Strike: Online Edition is released on Ps3 and X-box 360 marketplaces.

You won't spend 800MS points better this year.

Record Collection: Darkthrone - Soulside Journey (Picture Disc)

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Review: Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

Nosferatu the Vampyre is a re-make  Directed by Werener Herzog(Grizzly Man) and starring Klaus Kinski('For A Few Dollars More') and Isabelle Adjani('Possesion')

 I Am reviewing the German version.

Nosferatu opens on Centuries old Mexican Mummies, ancient time capsules of knowledge; images of our own mortality and death. Areminder of the difference between the undead and the living, with time we crumble and decay but the the Vampyre will be alive when those mummies crumble. It maintains this sense of dread through the entirety of its run time, and like most Herzog movies features very beautiful imagery, From lights dancing in the sky over a mountain range, to the isolated depths of Dracula's rotting castle.

This movie bases its interpretation of Dracula from two different sources, first it has; the sets, make up, and costume primarily drawn from the a classic Silent Horror Film 'Nosferatu'. Herzog draws on Murnau's use of shadow predominantly through the film, and maintains a pervasive sense of perverse tension reminiscent or the original.  Originally coming out in 1922 the original 'Nosferatu' is magnificently directed by F.W. Murnau and gave birth to the idea of the vampire as pale parasite.  Murnau wanted to use the Novel 'Dracula' as his inspiration, but Bram Stoker's wife wouldn't release the rights.  Murnau changed the names in the script, and made the movie anyways.

Nosferatu opens on Centuries old Mexican Mummies, ancient time capsules of knowledge; images of our own mortality and death. Q reminder of the difference between the undead and the living, that with time we crumble and decay but the the Vampyre lives on through all time; that they will be alive when those mummies crumble. It maintains this sense of dread through the entirety of its run time, and like most Herzog movies features very beautiful imagery, From lights dancing in the sky over a mountain range, too the isolated depths of Dracula's rotting castle.
 Herzog also makes several deliberate changes to the script, that come from the book and his imagination. He starts by Changing the names back to there originals and introducing sub-plots and surreal sequences that only serve to enhance the madness present in a town where the plague spreads and Dracula stalks the streets at night.

Kinski gives the most restrained and graceful performance of his career while caked under layers of make up and prosthetic's. He muses about the sorrow of life forever over dinner, when Johnathan Harker comes to sell him a Home; He glides through the night with supernatural ease, and makes it look very scary.

Isabelle Adjani does a great job of projecting terror while looking as still as a Porcelain Doll. Beautiful and lusted after,  she's the movies driving force, Caught between wanting to protect a very sick Husband and being terrified of the Vampyre that haunts her dreams.

Herzog's Nosferatu is a fresh take still after all these years, on a classic story. It's shot with a somber pace, and has a dreadful atmosphere and surreal imagery; The special effects are top notch, and the actors are all veterans who bring the right characteristics of each character. Some people may find some of the more surreal scenes a little jarring, but is the key to the films mood.


Record Collection: Circle Jerks - Group Sex

Original Release, came in it's original packaging; a few years ago I was dumb enough to open this 80's hardcore classic, totaly worth it.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: Stacy

 Stacy is definitely a mixed bag... It can be very well done pulling a lot of heart strings at points, all While being  loaded with gore, and over the top violence most of which is a ton of fun; but Stacy tries to hard to go in too many directions, trying to jam in as many characters, and introducing a subplot that drags from its first scene it's introduced.

The first half of the movie it all works pretty well, even with it's flaws; it had me laughing when i was supposed to be laughing and can be touches on some melancholy. Regrettably as touching and disturbing as this movie can be it can also be very tiresome dragging at some key points.
The movie does pick about before the end and give a as satisfactory as possible conclusion. Unfortunately the time it all comes together again, this film has fallen apart in too many place for it to work as a whole.

Pictured above: Fan service.

The worst thing about this movie has to be the music, most of it hardly fits whats happening on the screen.  The music is sounds poorly produced, written and recorded it takes film to a whole new level of hard to watch.

Watching it was not a wholly regrettable experience, but it lost a lot of momentum reaching as far as it did.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Cats and Tattoo's

Kitties Icarus and Icis

Two-Face tattoo by John Doe Originally from The Long Halloween drawn by Tim Sale

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Lady Blue

The Contagious Dead part 1

Part one of the Contagious dead an ongoing webseries.

Movie Review: Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Tetsuo is a burst of raw power that hits you like a piece of metal in the brain, moving with break neck speed through industrial Japan; the imagery is gripping, hypnotizing, and at times utter chaos.

In the right hands this film will drive you to devour it time and time again; others won't make it through one viewing. Take the time to experience Tetsuo if you haven't, as most movies worth watching you may find it trying; but there is an honest desire in the harsh demeanour, to express pure creativity directly from the human subconscious.

Tetsuo plays with tenderness and violence in equal parts and never wholly leaves one for the other.  In many ways it is a sadomasochist love story. The narrative becomes increasingly disjointed and surreal, as the run time increases it descends further into madness.
It launched the long standing careers of Shinya Tsukamoto and Tomorowo Taguchi, and here both there mad talents are on full force.

Tsukamoto rarely seems to loose control of the camera as it shoots through the streets of Tokyo, showcasing some very powerful low budget special effects and cinematography. Taguchi displays signs of greatness as he stretches his face from undeniable terror to unbridled lust.

It’s a movie that must be seen; by anyone who is interested in experimental, personal or creative cinema from the planet earth.
Not for everyone, but for the right type of person you'll come away with something new and wonderful each time.