Monday, 26 December 2011

Cos-play Girl of The Week: Crystal Graziano

Black Widow

Crystal AKA Precious lives in Southern California with her husband Todd, and a Shiba Inu named Ginger. She started Cos-playing in 2005 at the San Diego Comicon and has been a fixture in the community since then. She specializes in highly realistic re-creations and you can check her out on her offical web-page, Twitter and Deviant Art.

Swimsuit Selvaria
Cammy White

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

UMvC3 DLC Costume for Magneto pulled from Anchient Warrior pack.

and it's being pushed back from December 20 to March 6 in the US and March 7 in Europe. The pack now only has three characters; no word on if Capcom will drop the price. the pack will still come with Firebrand, Arthur and Hulk alts...

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Monday, 19 December 2011

SFxT Gem System Breakdown by Maximilian

Reality Fighter for the PS Vita

Cos-play Girl of The Week: Jenni

Poison Ivy with Yaya's Catwoman

Jenni AKA Most Flogged is a cos-player currently living in New York City, she's been a Deviant Art member for 7 years; and is a pillar of the American Cos-play scene. You can keep track of her work in a variety of ways including her Deviant Art,  twitterTumblr, Live Journal and her ACP profile.

Bondage Yoko from TTGL


Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Street Fighter X Tekken Gems and effects

Source: Capcom-unity just released a ton of info on Gem's in Street Fighter X Tekken and as much as I hate to copy/paste there's too much info here to ignore.

There are two types of gems - Boost and Assist. Each character has three open slots for gems, and can equip any combination of either type. Boost Gems are the backbone of the game, enabling you to customize a character with all kinds of additional powers and effects in five classes - Attack, Defense, Speed, Vitality and Cross Gauge acquisition. However, Boost Gems must be activated in each round by meeting certain criteria, and said criteria generally increase based upon the power level of the gem. There could also be drawbacks to compensate for the boost. For example:
Immense Power Lvl 1
Effect: +10% damage
Duration: 20 seconds
Activation: Land 5 normal moves
Immense Power Lvl 2
Effect: +20% damage
Duration: 15 seconds
Drawback: -10% speed
Activation: Land 10 normal moves
So, while the Level 2 gem (in this example) offers a bigger power boost, it requires a bit more work to activate, and also slows your character slightly.  No gem is intended to be overpowered, and these are balanced through a combination of the benefit, activation condition, time the gem remains active, drawback and how many gem slots are required to equip.
-A level 1 gem generally has a 10% benefit to a stat category
-A level 2 gem generally has a 20% benefit to a stat category
-A level 3 gem generally has a 30 % benefit to a stat category
There are often multiple versions of a given gem, each with slightly different activation and duration properties. The goal is to find a gem with an activation condition that suits your style. If you're aggressive, an Immense Power gem that's triggered by landing attacks may be for you. If you'd prefer to get your attack boost another way, say by being hit or landing a launcher attack, there are gem variants for that strategy. Check the list near the bottom of the page for the full details of each.
Above: The GEM equip screen. Notice the list of Immense Power gems - each has slightly different nuances for different types of players
But you shouldn't just think on a gem by gem basis - consider your whole lineup and how each gem works with each other. Since effects stack, you could go for three similar gems to boost one stat to the max, or make a well-rounded loadout that buffs all areas. Obviously certain pairings work better with certain characters or styles, so that's yet another angle to approach the GEM system. An example:
Onslaught Lvl. 1
Effect: +10% Cross Gauge acquisition rate
Duration: 20 Seconds
Activation: Land 5 normal moves
Divine Speed Lvl. 1
Effect: +10% Speed increase
Duration: 20 Seconds
Activation: Land 5 normal moves
Immense Power Lvl. 1
Effect: +10% damage increase
Duration: 20 seconds
Activation: Land 3 special moves
In this case, once you land 5 normal moves (which should be prettttty easy) you instantly trigger two gems at once, boosting speed and Cross Gauge generation. While you're going for that, land 3 special moves and you can add damage to your list of buffs, each lasting for 20 seconds. Time it right and that could be a very beneficial 20 seconds...
Above: Ryu equipping Life Force and Harmonize, two vitality-minded Boost Gems. Health restores by a set amount rather than a percentage, as is the case with Attack/Defense/Speed boosts
Unlike Boost Gems, Assists are always active and benefit you as a player, not necessarily the characters you choose. They affect the difficulty of your inputs, or enable you to auto block or escape from throws easier. Now, while these sound like game-breaking boons, they actually come with a hefty price, be it a 10% drop in attack power or chunks of the Cross Gauge. Examples:
Easy Input
Effect: Special moves become easier to do
Drawback: Attack decreases 10% in battle
Auto Block
Effect: Block attacks automatically
Drawback: Cross Gauge decreases by 1 block when activated
In short, Auto Block is not a magic win button. Each time you fail to block an attack, you burn off a section of your meter. No meter? No Auto Block. While this could help a new player survive a few clumsy block gaffs, a high-level player may opt to choose a gem that provides a specific boost instead of the meter-leeching Auto Block. As for Easy Input, it's akin to Simple mode in Marvel vs Capcom 3 - fireballs and other special moves are easier to do, but you sacrifice other areas as a trade.
Now, for the full list of gems standard in Street Fighter X Tekken:

Quick note about Iron Wall vs Fortitude - the former reduces damage based on a percentage, while the latter is a set value. So, if you take 100 points of damage while an Iron Wall Lvl 1 gem is active with a 10% boost in defense, you'll take just 90 points; conversely, if you have Fortitude active and eat 100 points of damage, you'll take zero.
In addition to these gems, there are also various pre-order packs available. These packs include EX Gems, which tend to double up the bonuses but take up two slots in your gem loadout. As with the disc gems, these all vary with different benefit, activation and duration conditions, so some are inherently more valuable to certain players. Check our official site for pre-order details, including the whopping 27 gems you'll net if you pre-order the Special Edition. (Click each for larger version)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Charlottetown Showdown: Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Winners Bracket

Losers Bracket

Enjoy this selection from the winner and looser brackets, including the final showdown that takes home the monies!

Unfortunately we couldn't include all the matches, as we had some camera difficulties; we did manage to get them into chronological order.


Monday, 5 December 2011

The Raven International Trailer

Get Ready for Free Comic Book Day

May 5, 2012 is free Comic Book Day, so head on down to your local comic shop for a free copy of the Avengers, Mega Man #1, Transformers, and Adventure Time!

Sounds like a great time to get into some series, and enjoy some free reading. If for no one else, do it for Megaman!

Cos-Play Girl of the Week: Kazeki

The President from Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto

Our Cos-player of the week comes all the way from Malaysia! Although you can find her cos-plays on Deviant Art she is also know for her art which can be found on her other DA and Tumblr.

Morrigan from Dark Stalkers
Yoko from TTGL

Velvet from Odin Sphere
Black Cat

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Fighterpedia: Southtown vs Metro city

Cos-Play Girl of the Week: Shantel Knight

Shantel Knight Aka Zombiebitme you should follow her on Twitter, Tumblr and like her on Facebook as she's downright stalk-able. With large following for someone who's (relatively) new to the cos-play scene, she has tons of attitude, confidence, and nerd-cred that make her official-site worth a look again and again.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tournamnet play from The Last Game Store: Nov 20th, 2011

Some light tournament play from The Last Game Store In Halifax, NS. Sorry about some of the shaky camera, but I can't hold the camera when I'm playing and there's no room in the Last Game Store for a Tri-pod.

First up my ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 matches, I got a couple wins below, and my two losses are in the third video.

A round from Nimble Wookie in the losers bracket.

Gamereye's round in the Loser's Bracket.

Street Fighting Time:

Gamer Eye's Third Match in the Winners Bracket

Thanks for watching folks, promise the next batch will have better recordings, Let me know if you can Identify any of the players in these matches!

Monday, 14 November 2011

Full Length UMvC3 Trailer

Fighterpedia: Top 7 Best & Worst Fighting Game Stages

Hunger Games Trailer

Curious about this one, hoping it doesn't suck.

Cosplay Girl of The Week: Linda Le

He's telling her to kill people, but she's cute so it's ok.
 Linda Le aka VampyBitMe is definitely one of the most recognizable cos-players out there today, and she has a wide selection of interesting costumes she's built and designed herself. When she's not attending Comic conventions, you can find her hiking, making her own costumes, thrashing at California area metal shows and traveling the world. You can read about her adventures online via twitter @VampyBitme, Deviant Art, Facebook, and her own Webpage.

She's got so many awesome costumes, so it was hard to choose just a few to feature, but with UMvC3 coming out tomorrow; I figured I'd feature a team I'd love to be able to play as, which also happens to highlight her beauty and talent. 
OMG them legs in latex.
Ms. Marvel deserves love, and Linda Le rocks it.
Yeah she's already in the game, but how you gonna complain looking at a picture like this.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Canada Cup SSF4 AE Highlights

Here's a small selection of the high quality Street fighting that went down, during this years Canada Cup.

Team Canada Vs Team Korea

Singapore Vs Europe

C.Viper Madeness

Grand Finals!